Jillian Michaels Attacks ‘A**Hole’ Andy Cohen - 'The Guy Hates Women!'

Jillian Michaels Attacks ‘A**Hole’ Andy Cohen - 'The Guy Hates Women!'
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During a brand new interview, the fitness guru slammed Andy Cohen! Jillian Michaels mainly focused on the Watch What Happens Live host’s involvement with all of the Real Housewives shows that the man is the executive producer of.

It looks like Jillian thinks Andy Cohen is nothing more but a women hater.

She was pretty aggravated while talking about it which means her experience interacting with Cohen was definitely not good.

‘It is like it was created by somebody who hates women! I mean the guy hates them. He is an a**hole. I hate that s**t! I never watch it. I hate watching women tear each other apart. Anyone who watches it, shame on you,’ Michaels said.

We understand why she would not be a big fan of seeing women mindlessly feud on a show for seasons on end, but saying Cohen hates women may not really be the case. That is kind of a stretch.

But her hate towards Cohen is not unexplained!

The WWHL host had stated before that she was the worst guest he has ever had on the show and that she most likely will not get invited again.

According to him, she simply ‘freaked out’ after making an appearance on the Bravo show.

‘She was so mean to the staff. She was screaming at them like they were on The Biggest Loser.’

So it looks like the hate is mutual and the war between Cohen and Michaels is just getting more explosive!

Whose side are you on? Do you agree with Jillian’s claims or not?


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