Jill Duggar Under Fire For Controversial Marriage Advice Counting On Fans Are Not Happy With Her Message

Jill Duggar Under Fire For Controversial Marriage Advice Counting On Fans Are Not Happy With Her Message
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Jill Duggar shared marriage advice online, and Counting On fans are not happy with her controversial message.

Her personal rules for what it takes to keep a marriage healthy and happy have caused Duggar to come under fire. She took to her blog earlier today letting fans know some intimate details regarding her marriage to Derick Dillard.

One piece of advice she tells married ladies is to have sex often. Duggar admits three or four times a week is a good start. The former reality TV star made it clear women should let their husbands know they are " always available" for sex, including being open about fulfilling each other's desires and switching it up in the bedroom.


The intimate advice was only one piece of information that got fans in an uproar. Duggar went on to say women should focus on their husband's needs, including running to meet him when he gets home from his day. Taking the time to always look nice and smell good for a man is another little tip Duggar suggested in her blog.

Although she said she was only trying to help women keep the fire alive in their marriage, fans are not pleased with her words. Comments flooded her Instagram message with the link to her advice, and people did not hold back on their thoughts. Some praised her advice, but most people were not having it.

"Was this written in 1950?" wrote robynhemm11

"This is so incredibly disturbing," replied smpz55

"My husband and I do everything 50%. We both work, we both clean, we both cook, we both respect each other's needs, we both love each other. I'm not his slave. I'm not his property. He doesn't own me. I respect him, love him unconditionally and would do anything for him, but we don't own each other," responded yaisabk

"You don't have to be available to your husband. Women have a right to say no to their husbands if they want to," stated ladygoth1533

Jill Duggar has not responded to the backlash regarding her blog post giving marriage advice. She is no stranger to controversy when it comes to her family's values and way of life. However, Duggar always stands by her words. She is not one to back down from her beliefs, even when she comes under fire.

What do you think about her marriage advice?

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