Jill Duggar Pregnant With Baby No 3 Already! 'Counting On' Star Reportedly Already Sporting A Baby Bump

Jill Duggar Pregnant With Baby No 3 Already! 'Counting On' Star Reportedly Already Sporting A Baby Bump
Credit: Source: She Knows

Jill Duggar is following in her parent’s footsteps. The Counting On star currently shares two sons with Derick Dillard and fans are convinced that she has another one on the way. Is Jill already pregnant with baby number 3?

In Touch Weekly reports that it looks like Jill is hiding a baby bump in a new video the couple posted on Facebook . In the clip, Jill is sporting an oversized top, which led fans to speculate about a possible pregnancy.

While some fans of the Counting On star were happy about the news, others thought she should probably slow down. Jill had her second son, Sam, three months ago.


While fans are certainly excited about Jill’s potential pregnancy, it is possible that she just gained a little weight over the past few months. After all, the reality star had a baby less than three months ago and is probably still shedding some of her pregnancy fat.

In fact, The Hollywood Gossip reports that some fans pointed this out and do not believe Jill is already pregnant with her third child.

“It’s OK to gain weight! Doesn’t mean she’s pregnant,” one fan wrote in response to the video.


That said, this is the Duggars we are talking about. The family has never been shy about their desire to have large families and Jill Duggar probably is not going to stop with just two kids. That doesn’t, however, mean that she’s already expecting another baby.

After all, getting pregnant three months after giving birth is a little extreme, even for a Duggar.


There’s also the fact that the Duggars have never been shy about their pregnancies and don’t tend to hide them for very long. Jill was very open during her first two pregnancies and even talked about Dillard’s role as a father after giving birth to their first son, Israel.

Further, Jess Duggar recently shared images of her messy home so that fans could catch a glimpse into what her life is really like behind the scenes. If Jill really is pregnant again, then it probably won’t be long until she confirms the rumors.

TLC recently parted ways with Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick, over his controversial and homophobic posts on social media. It was not clear if that meant Jill would no longer appear on Counting On as well. Stay tuned!


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