Jhene Aiko Pens Doting Message To Her Family After Sweet Note To Big Sean

Jhene Aiko Pens Doting Message To Her Family After Sweet Note To Big Sean
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All about the family: Big Sean received lots of love from his ex, Jhene Aiko, who is now praising her family.

A few weeks ago, longtime couple Big Sean and Jhene ended their romance and soon after he reunited with ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande.

Big Sean recently paid tribute to late rapper Nipsey Hussle. Jhene, who was a longtime friend of Lauren London's boyfriend, decided to pen a sweet note to her ex.

She wrote:'"You are so special. to me. to the world. while we're both still on this planet i just want to say... i love you beyond measure. even tho i get big mad and u trigger the fuck out of me. u make me feel. and i appreciate that. because i thought i was dead inside. my ego has no say when it comes to you. and my heart has been broken a thousand times just to expand. it always finds room for you. the good and the bad. i love you from this life to the next and all the other lives we've known each other before. imma always talk my shit. But imma always have ur back. 💙"

Earlier today, Jhene decide to show some love for her brother. She confessed: "I'm just.... feeling very thankful that i still have you here brother. i don't ever want to take that for granted. u been helpin raise me since 88 and i just wouldn't be me if there never was a you."

One person reacted to posts by saying: "Wow. “My ego has no say when it comes to you.” That’s deep. Takes a real man/woman to acknowledge that. 🙏🏾"

Another commenter stated: "This one hits way too hard. Over what? We lost a king, father, role model, leader, great mind, son, teacher, husband, entrepreneur, poet OVER WHAT? Something that could have been avoided?! You’ll live forever Nipsey Hussle the Great, your impact was too powerful and you were a master at your craft. Everyone was so excited about what you accomplished, what you were doing for the community, your constant growth and what we were going to see next out of you! My prayers go out to Lauren London, your kids, family, and friends. It’s been an honor knowing you for the last decade bro! The Marathon continues, Rest in Paradise Legend. 💔"

Jhene is really letting it all out now.

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