Jhene Aiko Is Praised By Nipsey Hussle's Friend, Snoop Dogg, For Posting These Photos, But She Is Called Out By A Few Critics

Jhene Aiko Is Praised By Nipsey Hussle's Friend, Snoop Dogg, For Posting These Photos, But She Is Called Out By A Few Critics
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Jhene Aiko recently took to social media, and she posted a few photos from her trip to Hawaii, where she was wearing a blue outfit.

The singer, who was a close friend of the late Nipsey Hussle, was praised by Snoop Dogg for repping the well-known street gang, the Crips. However, a few people went after the talented singer for the choice of clothes.

One person said: "Lies...I'm from L.A... those of us who are smart don't REP shit. Snoop as is living behind gates and rarely makes to the hood and is too old to be STILL pushing gang life."

This social media user revealed: "People are saying how irresponsible it is to promote gangs but love screaming "neighborhood" with/for Nipsey LoL .....you'll don't even know how to be consistent πŸ₯΄πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ"

This supporter stated: "I love her regardless. She’s just a pretty girl with an army of gangstas behind her, and she is me. πŸ˜­πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™"

The death of Nipsey ontinues to echo through the corridors of the music world, even though several months have already passed since the tragic incident.

While many have moved on from the tragic incident, others continue to mourn in silence and have been paying their respects to the late rapper.

In a recent example, Jhene had announced that she was planning to postpone her next big release because she did not feel that the time is right with regard to the passing of Nipsey.

She simply added that she wanted to use the time to reflect on the life and death of Nipsey, and did not feel right about releasing her work at that exact moment.

Jhene performed at the MC and activist's funeral and shared a moving post on social media that read: "You so inspired me, motivated me ... you made me so proud to be from the same city. I am honored to have known you and so thankful that you always showed me love and support. People always thought u were one of my brothers, and in a way, you are. My heart is so heavy. We really lost a gem. L.A is weeping. It'll never be the same. My prayers and deepest condolences go out to your wife, your children, your family, your friends, and your fans. We will never forget you. We will never let you or the things you taught be forgotten. you are a LEGEND!!! the most chill, the most real... rest Nipsey peacefully.πŸ’™"

And of course, there is also no shortage of people still mourning the iconic rapper and agreeing with Jhene's stance on the situation.

It does look like a large number of Nipsey's fans find it important to pay respects to the late rapper properly, even today, in order to keep his legacy alive and going strong and to be a support to Lauren London who has conducted herself like a queen.

Is Jhene doing the right thing?

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