Jhene Aiko Describes Her Recent Near Death Experience: "I Found Myself Throwing Up Until I Saw Blood"

Jhene Aiko Describes Her Recent Near Death Experience: "I Found Myself Throwing Up Until I Saw Blood"
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Jhene Aiko is one phenomenal woman. Between being a mother, an artist, and more she makes it a point to do everything she can to advocate for mental health care.

However, the singer found herself in a scary situation -- one where she insists that she almost died.

Aiko took to Instagram to share a breathtaking photo of herself atop a mountain in Hawaii. Only one night before the picture was taken, Jhene was dying on a bathroom floor.

In a lengthy caption, the poetic writer explained: "i thought i was going to die the night before i took this picture. i had just spent the day at the Maui Healing Center 2 days prior and left feeling so renewed, enlightened and like i was on the right path to proper healing. the next day, which was the day b4 i took this picture... i took a hike to see a blowhole and visited my favorite statue of Buddha in Lahaina. it was such a good day... but that night after i ate, my head started pounding like never before. so much pain, BUT i promised myself... no more pills!! EVER! not even Tylenol pm, which is all i had with me anyways. so i just let my head ache. i found myself on the bathroom floor... throwing up until i saw blood. i reached out to a few people i love, because i was alone and wasn't sure what to do... but the island time is so different... everyone was either asleep or on their way. i didn't want to worry or bother. so i closed my eyes and took 3 deep breaths that turned into morning."


She went on to say: "i was so happy that i was alive. i was so happy in fact, that even tho my energy was still low... i decided to hike to this place u see in this picture. around 8,000 feet above sea level. i got there later than AllTrails app suggested and only went about 4 miles in (the trail is 11) i packed my backpack w/ my camera and this dress i got at Lightning in a Bottle... cuz something told me to."

She ended her shocking story by telling followers that she thanked God for being alive and took a swim in the Pacific Ocean.

Fans praised her for sharing the inspiring message but some wondered whether she was suffering from withdrawal symptoms since she has spoken openly about drug addiction in the past.

What do you think about Jhene's near death experience? Luckily, the artist is fine now.

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  • Nicole Clark
    Nicole Clark Dec 1, 2018 11:47 PM PST

    I love Me Aiko as an artist and if true, she and Big Sean have broken up I pray this is not some type of depression or call for help Bless up Jhene you're a beautiful talented lady and your real live is already aligned and waiting for you

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