Jessie J Fires Back At Mel B For Saying She Is 'Overrated' With Impressive Singing Videos

Jessie J Fires Back At Mel B For Saying She Is 'Overrated' With Impressive Singing Videos
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Mel B threw some shade at Jessie J but she had the perfect clap back! As you may remember, back in July, the former Spice Girls member stopped by the Heart Breakfast radio show in the U.K. and while there, she dissed fellow singer Jessie J.

It all started when she was asked to share her opinion on who is the most ‘overrated’ celeb in the music industry during a game that had her give her thoughts on a variety of topics.

Jessie J took to her platform this weekend to finally respond to the shade.

The star posted a few videos that showed her singing her song Big White Room in a practice room, only accompanies by an acoustic guitar.

Jessie proved that she not only has a soulful voice you never get sick of listening to, but also that she has an amazing range!

In the caption, she made it very clear the post was meant to clap back at the Spice Girl: ‘’Overrated' *Mel B Voice.’

Fans were quick to join the comment section, obviously taking her side.

Here are a few of their comments: ‘Lol think she got mistaken, more like underrated 🤷🏼♂️🤷🏼♂️🤷🏼♂️.’ / ‘She had some nerve calling you overrated when she can barely hold a note live. Next.’ / ‘You’re the best! Mel B is just jealous! I love jess❤️.’

Her followers must have been even more impressed with the post, for the reason that she previously took a break from social media and the videos marked her return.

At the time, she assured people that she was ‘Happy, healthy and sane. People often presume to come off Instagram you are going through some sh**. Lol. Actually it's the opposite. I'm in such a good place that I want to respect and nurture that looking up and not looking down. Instagram is fun, but it isn't real life. I'm off to write a new album. 🔋.’

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