Jessica Simpson Says She Wouldn't Post Pics After Welcoming Baby Birdie - Here's Why!

Jessica Simpson Says She Wouldn't Post Pics After Welcoming Baby Birdie - Here's Why!
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Jessica Simpson is actually well known for having flawless skin but, as it turns out, she was rather hesitant to share any pics of herself after the birth of her baby girl Birdie precisely because of her skin! It seems like the star struggled with it and that made her want to stay away from the cameras.

During a new interview for Shape, the singer opened up about her skin condition and how that affected her confidence.

'I've dealt with eczema since I still was a kid. But after having Birdie, I had such bad flare ups that I would not even show the pictures of me holding the baby to my friends,' she shared.

Thankfully, the pop star was able to stumble upon some at-home remedies while in lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

'I'm also obsessed with doing red light therapy treatments at home. I place the anti inflammatory device everywhere on my body, including on my scalp, stomach, and even boobs. I have fewer wrinkles at 40 than at 38!' Jessica revealed, gushing over the amazing results of this process.

As fans know, Jessica Simpson and her husband, retired football pro Eric Johnson, have three kids together - Maxwell Drew, 8, Ace Knute, 7, and Birdie Mae and are a very happy family.

Speaking of, she revealed what the source of her happiness really is, saying that 'When I hear my kids cackle, it is the most healing sound. It is contagious. My whole family starts giggling together, and it is like some form of happy laughing therapy. Family's everything to me. More than anything, I really want to teach them morals and values and to just keep them safe but not afraid.'


That's great to hear! It really seems like Jessica is doing a great job parenting her three kids!

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