Jessica Simpson Reveals She Backed Out Of The Notebook Due To Sex Scene

Jessica Simpson Reveals She Backed Out Of The Notebook Due To Sex Scene
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Jessica Simpson's new memoir has been in the media several times in the last few weeks, for her relationship with Nick Lachey, John Mayer, and also her own struggle with depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Another shocking revelation Simpson made in her book, Open Book, was in regard to the cult classic movie, The Notebook, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Reportedly, Jessica actually turned down the role on account of the sex scene in it, which she thought would harm her career in the long-run.

In Open Book, Jessica wrote that she knew exactly what the film was about because she had read the script. She claimed she had to turn it down, however, because they wouldn't drop the sex scene from the movie on her behalf.

Simpson claimed it was a tough decision for her to make, because it was "Ryan Gosling, of all people," adding that she had a crush on him back in the 1990s when they both auditioned for The Mickey Mouse Club.

According to Simpson, she first watched the film for the first time on an airplane, around the same time as her statement announcing her separation with Nick Lachey. It was back in 2005.

The star admits that at the time, she was divorcing Nick, and it was the most romantic movie out at the time. The star claimed she hoped she had the love that the two characters in the film had for each other. As it was noted above, Simpson's new book also explored her relationship with John Mayer.

Earlier this year, Jessica explained that she didn't care whether John Mayer would read her book or not, and thought nothing of his reaction. Moreover, Jessica noted that John had already heard all the stories anyway.

Furthermore, Jessica claims that her therapist at the time was actually the one to convince her to leave the relationship with Mayer. She realized, through therapy sessions, that her romance with John was not real love, but rooted in obsessive feelings.

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