Jessica Simpson Reveals Confronting Her Abuser - A Family Friend's Daughter - Was A Part Of The Healing Process

Jessica Simpson Reveals Confronting Her Abuser - A Family Friend's Daughter -  Was A Part Of The Healing Process
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Jessica Simpson has gotten very candid in recent months regarding her past challenges and personal difficulties, including her addiction and experiences with sexual abuse.

Page Six claims the singer-songwriter recently explained that confronting her accuser was one of the main ways she helped herself in the healing process. In her new memoir, Open Book, Simpson spoke honestly about being abused between the ages of 6 and 12 by a family friend's daughter.

Jessia claims that it started off where she would "tickle" her back and then things would go into "uncomfortable" territory. During a conversation with People, the 39-year-old claimed she had to face her abuser head-on.

In her book, Jessica also explained what it was like to be addicted to alcohol and pills, which nearly ended her life prematurely . A lot of it had to do with her trauma as a consequence of abuse, the star explained.

Near the ending of 2017, Jessica finally got sober after hitting "rock-bottom," as she described it. These days, Jessica is the mother-of-three children with her man, Eric Simpson.

During a recent appearence on the Today show earlier in the week, Jessica spoke with one of the hosts, Hoda Kotb, and explained how she initially didn't want to tell her mom and dad. According to the Dukes of Hazzard alum, her father was a preacher and she was taught to be a virgin until marriage.

Consequently, she never wanted to reveal what was happening behind the scenes because she didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings. According to the singer-songwriter, they "ignored it with their words," but they ultimately made the right actions and she never "had to do sleepovers ever again."

Fans of Simpson know that she was recently involved in somewhat of a feud online with fellow actress, Natalie Portman, who criticized the beginning of her career. Natalie suggested Simpson had facilitated a culture in which young girls were objectified by men.


Later, it was reported that Jessica Simpson "really appreciated" Portman's apology for criticizing her past.

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