Jessica Simpson Planning Return To Reality TV With Family Show, Will Take The Kardashians’ Place!

Jessica Simpson Planning Return To Reality TV With Family Show, Will Take The Kardashians’ Place!
Source: intouchweekly

Jessica Simpson started her career in reality TV, and according to new reports, she would like to return to her roots!

Apparently, the star wants to pitch a show idea that will include her along with her husband, former NFL player Eric Johnson and their children.

Furthermore, her divorced parents and her younger sister Ashlee would also make regular appearances on the show!

Jessica is 36 years old, and she made her television debut as a singer back in the 90s.

She did have a few hit songs but was also considered a role model for young children because her father was a minister and she often talked about remaining a virgin until marriage.

However, Jessica Simpson became a real star in 2002 when she married boy band member Nick Lachey. The man documented their wedding and sold it as a reality TV show - “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.”

It was an instant hit! Viewers found the “ditzy blonde” bride endearing. Around this time she also released her third studio album In the Skin and was awarded triple platinum!

In 2006, Jessica and Nick divorced, and the show also came to an end.

Ever since then, Jessica’s struggle to release a successful album ended in failure every time, even after she started singing country.

At one point, an unflattering picture of her surfaced on the internet, and she began to be fat-shamed. Because of that, she created a show in which she traveled and documented people’s perception of beauty around the world.

“The Price of Beauty” was on air for only one season.

She married Eric Johnson in 2014 and together they have two children.

Now, after creating an empire in fashion with her line of shoes, clothing, jewelry and handbags, she would also love to return to reality TV, and she believes her family is interesting enough to take the Kardashians’ place.

Would you watch a reality show featuring Jessica Simpson’s family?


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  • Carrie
    Carrie Apr 22, 2017 1:00 PM PDT

    I would tune in to a reality show featuring Jessica Simpson and her family. I loved Nick and Jessica and was sad to see them divorce and the show end. Not so sure I would be so eager to return to a situation that probably contributed to the end of my first marriage if I were her, but i guess if she's willing to risk it, I'd be willing to watch! Her kids are beautiful and she seems to lead a pretty glamorous life so bring it on, Jessica!

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