Jessica Simpson Celebrated Her 37th Birthday By Going Topless

Jessica Simpson Celebrated Her 37th Birthday By Going Topless
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Jessica Simpson just turned 37, and she is looking hotter than she ever did. She has been previously ridiculed for her battle with her weight, and she posted a photo of her floating in a pool toy with her top off in the California sun.

She did keep her bottoms on in the pool shot but still made sure her lower half was on prominent display.

'Kiss My Butt 36,' she captioned the photo, as she floated in the pool.


The singer turned fashion mogul has struggled with body image issues a very long time and also with bullying from the media, and this happened for most of her adult life.

Jessica admitted that she had been every size imaginable, and from that experience, she has learned to make clothing that matches every single woman.

She slimmed down just recently after she gave birth to her second child, Ace Knute, three years ago.

She has recently admitted that she is not attempting to be as skinny as possible as she did in her early 20s.

She just wants to be healthy and comfortable in her own skin, and she said that she doesn't like it when she or her husband, Eric Johnson, are slaves to the gym.

After such a long period during which she was bullied, she ended up having the last laugh as she got slimmer and her wallet got a whole lot fatter.

She recently said that she is working on new music for the first time in several years.

Jessica said during an episode of The Ellen Show that her husband had never seen her perform, and that she hopes that sometime soon she would be able to change that.

The fashion mogul has also been heavily criticized for her image, but she has proven that she is a lot smarter than people believed.

She managed to turn her Jessica Simpson brand into a $1 billion fashion empire and even has time to make fun of herself for some of her ditzier public comments. It looks like she may be getting the last laugh after all.

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