Jessica Simpson Accuses Vogue Writer Of Body-Shaming Her

Jessica Simpson Accuses Vogue Writer Of Body-Shaming Her
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Jessica Simpson is no stranger to body-shaming, in fact, she has dealt with it on multiple fronts ever since her career began in the entertainment industry many years ago.

On Tuesday, Vogue Magazine published a piece in which they documented several purported Met Gala mishaps, including the claim that Jessica accidentally let one of her breasts slip out on the red carpet.

Sally Singer, the magazine's former creative and digital director, told a story of how she and Jessica Simpson were at the prestigious event and Simpson's "breasts (were) across from (her) at the dinner table" and appeared before her as if they were on a "platter."

You can see what Simpson had to say about this in the Instagram post below:

As it was noted above, Jessica has fought back against the media scrutiny for many years and has developed a thick skin against criticism. Simpson wrote on her account that she was shamed by another woman about her breasts and she described it as "nauseating."

Vogue also published a part of the article in which Michael Kors recalled how he had to help Jessica sew her dress back up after she broke out of it. Getting back to the topic of media criticism, Jessica was also slammed by the host of the Wendy Williams Show earlier this year as well.

Wendy used her platform to criticize Jessica for allowing her 8-year-old daughter to read her memoir, Open Book , in which Simpson laid her personal details to bare. Wendy claimed that allowing an 8-year-old girl to read a book on serious topics wasn't a good idea.

However, everyone has different parenting styles, so this may just be up to personal taste. As it was previously reported, Jessica dropped a brand new memoir this past year, Open Book, in which she discussed some of her life's most serious challenges.

She talked about relationships, substance abuse, media conjecture, criticism, and body image issues, among other very serious topics. It even sparked controversy with her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, who later joked that at least he didn't have to hang out with her father anymore.

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