Jessica Mulroney Says Her Past Few Months Have Been 'Rough' Following 'White Privilege' Scandal

Jessica Mulroney Says Her Past Few Months Have Been 'Rough' Following 'White Privilege' Scandal
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Jessica Mulroney is ready to get back on top of her game again following a few "rough months" in 2020. Page Six picked up on a social media post from Mulroney this week in which she reflected on her "textbook white privilege" scandal in which she was put on blast by a blogger.

As most know, it supposedly led to her relationship's collapse with Meghan Markle, the American actress who married Prince Harry. On her account, the 40-year-old claimed she found the silver lining to the controversy, saying how she finally realized who her true friends were.

"We finally know the a**holes who we thought were our friends," Mulroney wrote on her account. On her Instagram this Friday, she shared a picture of herself kissing Ben Mulroney, the media personality and son of the former prime minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney.

Jessica went on to thank her "true friends" for standing by them through difficult times. Thus far, no one really knows what she and Ben have been celebrating, but either way, Jessica appears to have found something good from the controversy.

As it was previously reported in June of this year, Sasha Exeter accused Mulroney of having "white privilege." Sasha says Mulroney became offended after she assumed a Black Lives Matter post was about her.

According to Exeter, Mulroney threatened her in a letter, and after the blogger published it online, Jessica had to apologize and then take some time away from social media after losing her show, I Do, Redo . Good Morning America then ceased their relationship with Mulroney.

Reportedly, Markle was "mortified" when the accusations against Mulroney came to the surface. In an Instagram post last month, Mulroney claimed she and Meghan were like family, and she described her as one of her "kindest friends."


Additionally, Jessica said Meghan had been checking up on her every single day. The insider claims Jessica would do the exact same thing for Markle if she had to.

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