Jessica Mann Reveals Bizarre Way Harvey Weinstein Mourned The Death Of His Mother

Jessica Mann Reveals Bizarre Way Harvey Weinstein Mourned The Death Of His Mother
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New shocking details in the Harvey Weinstein case have been revealed. Jessica Mann recently explored her story in front of jurors, including how Harvey Weinstein dealt with the death of his mother. Page Six reported that Harvey mourned the death of his mother by getting an actress to give him oral sex, and also masturbated in front of her.

According to Mann, who admitted to consensual relationships with Harvey Weinstein over the last few years, the last encounter they had was back in November 2016, which occurred shortly after his mother had passed away.

Approximately one year earlier, Mann lost her father as well, and she claimed Harvey needed to be consoled. He wanted to talk to her about it. Mann claimed that when she arrived to see the disgraced producer, he was naked on the bed and wanted to engage in sexual behavior.

Mann described the interaction in detail, stating that Harvey masturbated in front of a mirror and put his penis in her mouth. She claimed it was the second time "fluid ever came out," and it "disgusted" her. Mann stated that it tasted horrible because of the ED medicine Harvey had been taking.

According to the 34-year-old woman, Weinstein raped her twice. She also testified earlier this week that Harvey had pressured her into threesomes with other women. Emanuella Postacchini testified earlier today that she arrived at Weinstein's hotel to meet with him and discovered Mann there.

Postacchini claims Mann rushed out of the room upon her arrival, crying, and later dropped to the ground and sobbed in the "fetal position." Emanuella, however, never accused Harvey of raping her. She claims she consented to go up to his hotel room with him, and also admitted that Harvey never pressured her.

Followers of the case know that The Sopranos actress, Annabella Sciorra, also accused Harvey of raping her in the early 1990s. Sciorra claims Harvey rushed into her home evening while simultaneously unbuttoning his shirt. She told him to stop, but Harvey persisted anyway.

Later, he also sent her chocolate penises, which Sciorra described as "disgusting."

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