Jessica Hall Gives Birth To Her Second Baby

Jessica Hall Gives Birth To Her Second Baby

Jessica Hall has welcomed her second baby boy with husband Kyle Carlson into the world. In a report from Us Weekly, the publication reported the pair as saying, they  "are beyond grateful to welcome our healthy baby boy."

Jessica added that she is feeling blessed and excited to make the newest addition to their family.

And while they are enjoying their respective careers, they're both taking quality family time together.

Jake was born around 2:30 am after 17 hours of labor in a natural delivery.

It weighs 7 lbs and is almost 2 feet long.

In an old interview with Us Weekly, Hall claimed she had always wanted a big family.

And the reason why is she as well as her husband both have large families and they love it.

She said, "we're not bad at this," so why not expand their family?

Family, as well as friends, celebrated Jessica's impending child at a baby shower in July.

And naturally, her friend Wilkinson attended the event as well as Heidi Montag, Diana Madison, and Sarah Stage.

Hall said to Us Weekly that she was stoked to see all of her friends make the flight to the Westlake Village Inn in California.

She claimed she was "overwhelmed," by how nice everyone was to come all the way out just to see her.

The reality star also admitted her husband argued with her over the name of the baby. He wanted to pick something like Warren, but she wasn't having that one bit! Hall wants something a little closer to Sawyer. However, we can't help but wonder why Sawyer? Because it's not like it's much different than Warren? They're both old people names!

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