Jessica Chastain Gives Woman Who Criticized Her About Feminist Views $2,000 For Fertility Treatments

Jessica Chastain Gives Woman Who Criticized Her About Feminist Views $2,000 For Fertility Treatments

You truly never know where your next gift or surprise will come from. Just ask Instagram user Karin Hallesten Schulz, who made a comment on a picture featuring Acadamy Award nominee Jessica Chastain then received something amazing in return.

Hollywood hairstylist Renato Campora, posted the picture as an ode to the actress and feminism on International Women's Day this week. Chastain later reposted the image.

Schulz commented on the photo by adding her own personal belief in what the term feminism means to her. "Yes, feminist that believe in God and stand up for The Unborn. I would be for that kind of feminist."

Chastain responded kindly in the comments encouraging Schulz to decide what is right for her individually, but that Chastain believed that each woman has the right to make their own decision.

While this could have easily stopped there, Chastain actually revealed that she visited Schulz page and read her heartbreaking story regarding her journey with infertility and how she's tried so desperately to become a mother.

Chastain went the extra mile and even donated $2,000 to Schulz's GoFundMe page that details her ongoing struggles with infertility. Schulz revealed she's had to do numerous tests and because of her age and hormone levels, her egg quality is substantially compromised.

Schulz also conveyed that it's been really hard to think that she and her husband would have to go into debt in order to afford fertility treatments. Schulz grappled with feeling like a failure because she couldn't conceive naturally.

Chastain's $2,000 donation not only got Schulz closer to her $5,000 goal but also put her story and GoFundMe page in front of the eyes of millions. Chastain added that she hoped Schulz's dream comes true in 2018.

Schulz wrote back to Chastain to thank her for her generosity and to explain that she was also a feminist. That they agree on more than they disagree.

One could argue that Schulz has such a strong reaction to the thought of terminating a pregnancy because she's had such a tough time conceiving.

This is a stark lesson in terms of feminism and what people assume it is. The idea that any one individual woman can do as she decides for herself under an equitable system is what the term actually encompasses.

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