Jessica Biel Sends Justin Timberlake Sweet Message For His Final ‘Man In The Woods’ Concert – Watch It Here

Jessica Biel Sends Justin Timberlake Sweet Message For His Final ‘Man In The Woods’ Concert – Watch It Here
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Jessica Biel sent Justin Timberlake a sweet message before his final Man In The Woods concert, and it made the singer cry.

After a year-long tour, with countless days and months on the road, Timberlake was getting ready to hit the stage one last time, when he got a heartfelt message from his beautiful wife.

It all went down backstage at Mohegan Sun Arena, in Connecticut. Knowing what a monumental moment it would be, the former 7th Heaven star took the time to congratulate her man, as he was about to end his much hyped about concert series.

"Hey Tennessee kid, I'm being quiet because you're in the next room. It's your last show. It's the last Man of the Woods show tonight. I would say that I'm so proud of you, but I feel like that's the understatement of the century and that somehow that I take ownership to what you've done this past year-and-a-half," Biel began her super-secretive surprise for her husband of over six years.

The actress went on to share how in awe she is of her loving husband, who can somehow find a way to do it all. Timberlake manages to spend quality time with his family, while still giving fans the show of lifetimes. Not only did Biel express how much the ‘Can't Stop The Feeling' singer inspired her but their 4-year-old son, Silas and his millions of adoring fans.

"Also, I'm so sad that I won't be able to see you up there again for a while. You make my heart burst with joy and love when I see you doing your thing baby. I'm your No. 1 fan, I love you," the brunette beauty ended her video message.

Jessica Biel's sweet video message to her husband Justin Timberlake brought him to tears. He wasted no time responding in the comments section of her social media post. The singer was also not afraid to let the world know his wife brought him to tears.

"I mean… I'm not crying. You're CRYING! I can't with this message. I love you so much," the 37-year-old former NSYNC star said.

Once again Timberlake and Biel are proving their love is one in a million . They are continually expressing how proud of each other they are, as well as happy they are to be spending their lives together. The two are seriously one of the cutest couples around!


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