Jessica Biel Goes Make-Up Free In New Instagram Post

Jessica Biel Goes Make-Up Free In New Instagram Post
Credit: Source: Jessica Biel/Instagram

Jessica Biel has gone make-up free as a way of supporting the Share Strong Movement launched by Kate Upton. The movement focuses on opening a dialogue where women can empower one another and create positivity. It's also about accepting your own personal, and unique beauty just as you are. That is why Jessica chose to go make-up and filter-free and share a photo of herself just as she is. Jessica shared the photo and a caption that stated she was spreading self-love. You may see Jessica's caption and the photo below.

Spreading some self love today with zero filter and zero makeup for my girl @KateUpton. She’s on a mission to encourage everyone to feel strong and love themselves *as they are*... and I’m so honored to help spread that message. Take a second to show the real you. Tag someone you admire and pass it on #ShareStrong

Jessica's post went viral after she shared it with her 7.7 million followers. It currently has more than 360,000 likes and over 4,000 comments.

Not only did Jessica reveal her face without makeup, but she also wore glasses and had her hair unkempt. The photo showed the actress' natural beauty and many people appreciated the 37-year-old's willingness to show what she really looks like without the glitz and glam.

The #ShareStrong movement is to create conversation and dialogue and that is what Jessica did with her bare-faced photo. As Jessica also included Kate Upton in her caption, people also flocked to Kate's Instagram account. Kate shared the following message about the #ShareStrong movement nad hashtag.

"I’m strong for my daughter, I want her to feel comfortable to radiate strength, power and confidence. I realize that starts with me. Now I encourage you to join the conversation and share why you’re strong. #ShareStrong."

What do you think about the Share Strong movement? Are you joining Jessica Biel and Kate Upton by participating in the conversation and using the hashtag? Were you surprised to see Jessica Biel ditch the makeup and photo filters and get real on Twitter? Are you going to open up and tell the world what motivates and inspires you?

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