Jessica Alba Talks Returning To Her Acting Roots Amid The #MeToo Movement

Jessica Alba Talks Returning To Her Acting Roots Amid The #MeToo Movement

Jessica Alba is a great entrepreneur, mother, and wife but also a great actress and she thinks it’s finally time for her to be back on screen! That being said, she is starring along with Gabrielle Union in the spin-off for Bad Boys titled L.A.’s Finest.

Alba gave an interview for Parents magazine, and she also appears alongside her three kids on the cover.

The woman opened up about her experience returning to her acting roots in the #MeToo movement era.

Jessica tells the outlet that ‘I’m getting back to acting because it is my first love and is part of my identity. Hollywood's different now from when I semi-retired 10  years ago. There is a new awareness of how important is for women to be paid well and to be represented in front of, but also behind the camera. The #MeToo movement, for all of the heartache and trauma that it has churned up, enlightened people.’

She added: ‘For L.A.’s Finest, I did not even think about what a man would be paid. I said, ‘This is what I am worth.’ Gab and I know our value, and we are lucky to be comfortable enough that we could have walked away if we had to.’

Despite being super busy on set and running her Honest Co. company, the actress is still making sure to be a responsible and present mother.

‘I bring my children with me on business trips. I took Honor with me to Milan recently. We went 2 days early so we could have together time. When I had meetings, she would wait for me in another conference room. I cannot be at every school drop-off and pick-up, but I am showing her my time's valuable and that she has real value to me. I also want her to see my work is important and that I am trying my best to make a difference, and maybe she will absorb it,’ she shared.

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