Jessica Alba Talks About Quitting Acting At The Top Of Her Career - Here's Why!

Jessica Alba Talks About Quitting Acting At The Top Of Her Career - Here's Why!
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It's been almost a decade since Jessica Alba walked away from her acting career even though she was at the peak of it and now, she is explaining why she pressed pause on it all!

For a while, Jessica Alba was one of the biggest names in Hollywood, appearing in some of the most well known titles of the early 2000s.

But then, she just stopped acting!

While chatting with Romper, Alba revealed what led to her early retirement, sharing that it was motherhood that pushed her to do that.

As fans know, the actress welcomed her first child, Honor, back in 2008 and that was one of the main reasons she paused her Hollywood career.

'I had this moment of, I want to live, and to thrive, and to spend as much time with this little one that I am bringing into the world as possible and stay. So, my health matters. I want this tiny person to be healthy. And it is really freaking hard to be happy when you do not have your health. That is really what motivated me. My motivation was not like, 'Am I going to ever get hired again?' I was at the top of my career.'

'I could not go back to what I was doing before and be authentic. I just could not. I did not care about it the same way.'

About four years after she became a mom, Alba decided to quit her acting career.

That being said, she still appeared in some movies and TV shows here and there over the last few years.

What motherhood really did for Jessica Alba was change her priorities!


'I felt like if I was going to have this platform, then what can I do with it that could be meaningful and make a difference? That just felt so real when I became a mom for the first time.'

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