Jessica Alba Is Now A Youtuber — Check Out Her Channel 'Getting Honest'

Jessica Alba Is Now A Youtuber — Check Out Her Channel 'Getting Honest'
Credit: Source: Jessica Alba/Instagram

When Jessica Alba gave her husband Cash Warren a haircut during the Coronavirus lockdown she was heard to say the following, "He let me cut it. He was like, 'I guess it will grow back.' But I did a great job!" and who would be surprised. Is there anything that the beautiful brunette, multi-hyphenate can't do? From acting to starting her own business with The Honest Company? Well now, you can add YouTuber to Jessica Alba's list of achievements as she is hosting weekly shows on her official YouTube channel. She's widely known for her TikTok videos and now she's making a name for herself as a YouTuber.

Jessica's children can frequently be seen in her videos whether on YouTube or TikTok and in one video she demonstrated giving her daughters Honor and Haven haircuts. She's been spending plenty of time with her family during the Coronavirus lockdown and she's sharing ways that she is taking care of herself and her family during the pandemic.

Jessica shares tips on everything from working out and staying in shape to hair care and beauty routines. When it came to giving her children haircuts she didn't do it alone. She had celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins guiding her every step of the way. The results were fabulous and if the acting thing doesn't work out for Jessica, she may want to pick up cosmetology!

You may see Jessica Alba as she cuts and styles her daughter's hair in the video play below.

Jessica makes her videos a family affair and it seems that her daughters may end up as YouTubers eventually as well. Though they are featured in many of their mom's videos, they are always in the background dropping in, or doing some antic in the back when you get the feeling they aren't supposed to be in the clip. Jessica is very loving to her children and doesn't seem to mind them dropping in when they feel like it.

Have you checked out Jessica Alba's YouTube channel? Do you follow her on TikTok?

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