Jessi Combs' Boyfriend Pays Heartbreaking Tribute To Her After The Mythbusters' Star's Tragic Death

Jessi Combs' Boyfriend Pays Heartbreaking Tribute To Her After The Mythbusters' Star's Tragic Death
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Mythbusters star Jessi Combs tragically lost her life and many people are mourning her passing, including her boyfriend, Terry Madden. The man, who is also a driver just like she was, took to social media to pay tribute to Jessi.

Terry posted a throwback pic featuring the two of them dressed as mimes for an event, and, alongside it, he wrote a heartbreaking message.

‘Not sure how to cope. I miss my @thejessicombs so bad.... for me, it’s a constant to be in our favorites file on the phone looking at our pictures.. I decided to start sharing stories that go with these [pictures] every morning. This was the greatest night of my life, we had more fun than I knew it was possible to have’

He went on to recall how they ‘Didn't drink at all and on the greatest, happiness high ever, we laughed, loved and, never said a word. Halloween last year @semashow in Vegas. We made a bet before leaving our room on who talked first. For five hours we never said a word, and we still knew exactly what the other was thinking, the connection was amazing.’

Terry also mentioned how they were the perfect team that night and enjoyed their time with friends and fans.

It was like they’d rehearsed it all. Then, they spent the night and morning just laying down and talking, realizing how deeply connected they were, as if they were able to read each other’s thoughts.

Jessi’s boyfriend also had a funny story from that night to share.

Apparently, they kept up the miming even when they needed to take a cab.

The driver was pretty pissed because of the 5 minutes of them using charades to describe west gate hotel; where they needed to go.

The two of them, however, ‘laughed until [their] cheeks hurt!!!’

Jessi passed away in a ‘horrific accident.‘ She was trying to break her land speed personal record in a jet car.


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  • chesboi
    chesboi Sep 4, 2019 5:55 PM PDT

    what a tragic accident ;-; oh well, it was people like her that helped make our world a happier place for the sake of curiosity and science. i think sharing the memories of her was a great idea on the boyfriend‘s part... it’s always good to cherish the good memories of someone/something that’s gone. R.I.P.

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