Jesse Williams To Star In Broadway Production - What About 'Grey's Anatomy?'

Jesse Williams To Star In Broadway Production - What About 'Grey's Anatomy?'
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The actor is set to make his Broadway debut! Grey's Anatomy star, Jesse Williams will be portraying Darren Lemming in the Tony Award-winning ‘Take Me Out,’ a play by Richard Greenberg.

This news was announced by Second Stage Theater earlier today and while it’s super exciting, what will the transition to a stage project mean for Jesse’s role on Grey’s Anatomy?

Take Me Out will start its previews next year on April 2 and will officially open on the 23rd that same month.

One insider shared via ET that initially, Jussie Smollett read for the main role at the beginning of this year but that was before his scandal.

Either way it sounds like he was never really confirmed as part of the cast or even offered the part, scandal or not.

As for Williams, the season 15 finale of Grey’s Anatomy ended with a question mark for his character, Jackson, as far as fans are concerned.

After a horrible fight with Kelly McCreary’s Maggie, Jackson simply disappeared into the fog!

But one rep tells ET that ‘Jesse will be back next season, but that is all I have to share at this point.’

Furthermore, Krista Vernoff, the show’s executive producer, previously told ET that his unexpected disappearance at the end of the season was done because they ‘wanted something more dramatic to tag the season.'

'Jackson disappearing into the fog felt unexpected and like the beginning. It felt a bit like in the previous scene, we completed our 'season of love' and in that final scene we teased the beginning of the next season.’

She went on to explain: ‘Jackson disappearing at one point during the season and then falling suddenly at the end of an act in the finale, both these things helped mislead. You did not expect Jackson was going to disappear when he walked into the fog. Whereas when other characters walk into the fog on Grey's Anatomy, you get really worried. But we did not expect Jackson to disappear again because we played that beat.’


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