Jesse Tyler Ferguson Brags About Having Victoria And David Beckham's Phone Numbers

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Brags About Having Victoria And David Beckham's Phone Numbers
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While Jesse Tyler Ferguson isn't the type of guy to brag, he does have David and Victoria Beckham's phone numbers, which is something he likes to tell people, including Ellen DeGeneres on her eponymous show earlier this week.

E! Online picked up on the Modern Family 's star's interview with the host where they discussed how they met, and also the hot tub scene with Courteney Cox and David Beckham. According to Tyler Ferguson, he's actually become quite friendly with Victoria and her husband.

Speaking with the guest host, Sean Hayes, he explained that they were outside of their SoulCycle class one evening and they told him they were huge fans of the series. He joked that Victoria was "spicy." Jesse told them that they could stop by the set of the show any time they wanted, and the couple took him up on the offer, with Victoria even offering her number to him.

Victoria told him through a text message that she and David wanted to stop by the set on the following day. That day on the set, everyone there was talking about how the Beckhams were there, and Tyler Ferguson claims he was like, "yeah, they're my guests."

Around that time, the episode was about to premiere, and the Spice Girls alum took to IG to share the picture from when they visited the Modern Family set. Victoria's appreciation of the show isn't a surprise, considering how popular it has been since its inception.

Regarding how they intend on wrapping up the popular series, Jesse stated that it's been very emotional for all of them, especially after 11 years of doing it.

He explained the entire thing has been "very emotional" for him, and he hasn't been dealing with it properly. He feels as though he's been pushing his feelings back, and they've been propping up in weird ways. Sean then asked him if they were going to do a reboot sometimes in the future.

Jesse said, "Oh, God, I don't know." He went on to say that they would probably be "really old" when they finally decide to do it again. But he has no idea right now what's in store for the future.

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