Jessa Duggar Gives Birth On Her Couch And Gets Rushed To The Hospital After Complications

Jessa Duggar Gives Birth On Her Couch And Gets Rushed To The Hospital After Complications
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Jessa Duggar is very happy to be a mother of three and to finally have a baby girl as well! However, as it turns out, when she delivered her third addition to the family, things got pretty dangerous since she did it at home on the couch!

The reality TV star needed hospitalization and the shocking birth was also caught on camera for a Counting On online special titled A Baby Girl for Jessa!

Jessa did not expect her water to break two weeks before the due date.

At the time it surprisingly happened, she was just in the kitchen, enjoying a smoothie.

The initial plan was to have the baby with her midwife, but not in a homebirth.

Instead, she was supposed to give birth at a hospital birthing suite.

However, since Jessa’s water broke unexpectedly, her midwife was not available – that same morning, she went out of town!

There was a backup plan she and hubby Ben Seewald had in place – have the baby with another midwife, at home.

Three hours in, she started to deliver the bundle of joy on their couch!

As fans know, they had a daughter they named Ivy Jane Seewald and when she held her in her arms, Jessa broke into tears.

‘Waiting through pregnancy to meet your baby seems like it takes forever. So those first moments, right after the baby is born are the absolute sweetest moment of your life. Looking at that sweet baby, I always cry,’ she said.

Unfortunately, things took a turn after giving birth.

Jessa’s bleeding did not stop so the paramedics were called to take her to the hospital.

She was given Pitocin and that did the trick without even needing a blood transfusion.

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