Jessa Duggar Fires Back At Mom-Shamers Slamming Her For Letting Her Sons Use Phone

Jessa Duggar Fires Back At Mom-Shamers Slamming Her For Letting Her Sons Use Phone

Jessa Duggar was slammed once again, this time because she is letting her toddlers use a phone! However, the reality TV star did not just take the mom-shaming without firing back at the haters on social media.

The counting on star shared a pic of her two sons, one-year-old Henry and Spurgeon, 3, using a phone and soon enough, people online invaded her platform with criticizing comments.

The mother even specified that she knew all too well what the kids were looking at and there were just sports stats!

‘We all grew up without games and phones,’ one comment reads.

Another said that ‘We learned patience and manners out and about. I think they’ll survive just fine without it, for now.’

‘Just FYI — it’s recommended that children under 2 should have no screen time,’ a third critic wrote.

However, a lot of fans defended the reality TV star, pointing out that she never actually asked for anyone’s advice.

After all, she is the young ones’ mother so it’s her right and responsibility to make the best parenting choices for them and no one else’s!

Jessa herself responded to the criticism saying: ‘At this point we do not let them play games or anything on our phones, but they do enjoy getting to watch some Peppa Pig on special occasions usually if we are out and about and it’s pushing nap time, or if we are at a restaurant and they have been sitting for a long time.’

‘I don’t want to rely on it, but on some occasions, it can help us keep our sanity and avert meltdowns, and those two things I feel are essential to the survival of toddlerhood. P.S. I have learned to always lock the phone down with guided access so they cannot switch off to another screen, or call or text or make an Amazon purchase.’


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  • Maddie
    Maddie Nov 6, 2018 1:56 AM PST

    Jessa and Ben could parent the way they want and that goes for all of us. Nobody should tell anybody else how to live their life and what to do with their kids. I think its such a shame how people criticize everybody. Everybody always seems to have a comment about everything people do in life. We all need to mind our own business and take care of ourselves.

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