Jersey Shore's Ronnie Magro's Latest Split From Jen Harley Is Turning Nasty!

Jersey Shore's Ronnie Magro's Latest Split From Jen Harley Is Turning Nasty!
Credit: Source: Instagram

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Ronnie Magro and his baby mama Jen Harley have split again, and at this point, we’ve lost count as to how many times the volatile, on-again, off-again couple has broken up. The most recent split came as Harley was losing her mind on Instagram accusing Magro of cheating.

Harley recently posted a series of Instagram Stories about her baby daddy, with one pic featuring a mystery woman with her arm wrapped around Magro while they sat on a boat. On top of the pic, Harley wrote, “Is this love?? Or is this is a mistake?”

An insider told Us Weekly that Magro did not cheat on Harley like she claims, and the woman was from a boat party where he was hanging out with a bunch of friends.

“She was there for him because they broke up middle of last week and she was being that friend consoling him. He was really upset,” said the source.

Harley posted a second photo of Magro, writing, “This is Ron this weekend with another girl again,” and there were more pics that featured him swimming in a bathtub and sitting on a couch, both times were with different women.

She also posted a “Who wore it better” poll along with side-by-side pics of Harley and another one of Magro’s mystery women - who she called Robin - wearing the same swimsuit. The options in the poll were “the groupie” and “baby mama.”

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans have watched Magro and Harley struggle with their relationship since the very beginning of the reboot nearly two years ago. At the time, Harley was pregnant with their daughter, Ariana Sky, and Magro struggled to stay faithful and to stay sober.

The couple has had problems ever since, and some of their fights have led to Harley getting arrested for battery. Once, she threw an ashtray at him during a New Year’s Eve celebration, and on a separate occasion, Harley allegedly dragged Magro with her car when his arm was stuck in the vehicle.

Harley also had some words for MTV and the Jersey Shore cast. She said that everyone always apologizes to her for the things they “have to say” about her, but she can’t take the abuse anymore.

Harley says that she is the victim of bullying and abuse by everyone on the reality show, and just because she doesn’t post on social media about it, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. She also claimed that MTV protects Magro because he is an “asset.”

Magro has not responded to Harley’s claims.

New episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation air Thursday nights on MTV.


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