'Jersey Shore's Ronnie Magro Says Show Was Edited To Make Him Look Like He Wanted 'Jewish Rag Doll' -- Promises To Do Better

'Jersey Shore's Ronnie Magro Says Show Was Edited To Make Him Look Like He Wanted 'Jewish Rag Doll' -- Promises To Do Better
Source: Elite Daily

Every Thursday, fans gather around their TV to tune into the cast of "Jersey Shore"s latest antics. The must-see moment during the last episode was when Ronnie Magro decided to spend half of his night flirting with Angelina Pivarnick's friend, Jewish Barbie.

The crew was partying at Headliners in New Jersey when Angelina invited her friend back to the mansion they were staying in. Ronnie got into yet another fight with girlfriend Jen Harley where she apparently threatened to let another man raise their baby girl, Ariana Sky Magro,

Ron did what he usually does and made things worse when he changed his focus from the argument to the special house guest . The program found the roommates watching Magro flirt with Jewish Barbie in the hot tub and ended with him inviting her into his bed.

Three days later on November 18, the father of one took to Instagram stories to say that the show was edited to make him look bad. He also changed his tune from Jewish Barbie to Jewish Rag doll.

"Obviously the last episode has made it seem like I was into Jewish rag doll, it's edited to make it look worse, I was in a bad place in my life and my relationship and I acted out of anger and immature resentment. Since then I've grown and wouldn't want to do anything to hurt my girlfriend or my daughter, everyone makes mistakes and you'll see next week that I learned from mine. I wouldn't ever put myself in that position again to hurt the two people I love the most in my life. I want t lead my example for my daughter how to be a real man and I need to lead how to be a good boyfriend/husband."

He ends the lengthy statement by apologizing to Jen Harley and Ariana Magro.

The reality is, editing is not the reason Ronnie seems unfaithful on camera and he should not have attacked Angelina's friend because it made him look bad.

Hopefully, the MTV personality truly has learned from his mistakes. What do you think of Ronnie's apology?


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