Jersey Shore's Mike Sorrentino In Trouble For Not Completing His Community Service Hours

Jersey Shore's Mike Sorrentino In Trouble For Not Completing His Community Service Hours
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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, who first became famous for his time on Jersey Shore , has found himself in unfortunate circumstances once again following his release from prison. Followers of Jersey Shore (and the cast and crew who starred in it) know Mike Sorrentino went to prison due to fraud and tax evasion charges.

Page Six reported this week that the 38-year-old reality star is now behind in his community service hours. His probation officer filed paperwork claiming that Mr. Sorrentino had only finished around 18 of the 500 hours needed to complete his sentence.

Mike's probation officer told him he needed to work with organizations like Toys for Tots, his church, Fulfill Food Bank in Neptune, Eat Clean Bro, and more. He was also told that he could've worked at Jon Bon Jovi 's Soul Kitchen which is in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Reportedly, Mike also didn't want to meet with his lawyers because of worries over COVID-19. In case you missed it, Sorrentino got out of prison on the 12th of September, 2019, after his 8-month prison sentence.

Mike was also ordered to complete two years of probation, 500 hours of community service, and also had to subject himself to different programs like substance abuse testing and a drug treatment program. Furthermore, Mike was ordered to fully comply with the demands of the IRS.

In other more positive news, Mike was in the headlines celebrating his five-year sobriety anniversary, however, he and his wife, Lauren, may have to cut their celebrations in half because Lauren is expected to give birth in May of 2021.

Mike claimed one of the ways he was able to keep himself busy behind bars was by thinking about his love for Lauren and how they were going to start a family together.

The Situation, additionally, shocked many of his former co-stars when he got out of prison more fit than he had ever been before. Mike claimed he had been working out intensely behind bars, and the hard work was clearly demonstrated by the reality star's much bigger frame.

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