Jersey Shore Viewers Turn Against Angelina Pivarnick After Seeing The Real Footage From Her Wedding On Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Viewers Turn Against Angelina Pivarnick After Seeing The Real Footage From Her Wedding On Jersey Shore
Credit: Source: MTV

For the last seven months, the female cast members of Jersey Shore Family Vacation have been slammed by fans of the show after footage of Angelina Pivarnick's wedding leaked. It turns out that with reality TV -- you only get half of the story.

Snooki, Deena, and JWoww took part in a wedding speech where they jokingly referred to Angelina in a derogatory way. In the audio that circulated months ago, the reality stars were booed by the guests at the event.

Fans took to social media to leave nasty comments and chastise the group for ruining Pivarnick's wedding day after hearing that she left the room upset.

However, the footage that aired during the season finale tells a different story.

It seemed that Angelina was not only fine with their initial speech but she was also laughing. After thinking about what they said, Pivarnick turned to her husband and asked 'if she should flip out.'

She then proceeded to leave the room and yell at producers. For the rest of the duration of her nuptials, she refused to speak to her Jersey Shore female castmates.

Viewers took to Twitter to say that Angelina ruined her own wedding and vilified her co-stars for months.

'Jenni, I've been rooting for you Deena and Snooki since day one! You girls and the boys are the only reason i watch the show tbh.. Like i told my husband, she was laughing until she realized she could blow it up and turn it around,' one tweeted to JWoww.

' She wrecked her own d*** wedding. This chick LIVES for drama and attention and it ain’t cute. #byeangelina,' claimed another.

This person said: ' She wanted the speech to be real and wanted to know what people really thought. She told that to @JENNIWOWW a few weeks before the wedding. She didn’t care until she seen that Chris was upset about it. Then she says she wants to go outside and blow up. Attention is what she wants.'

Another added: ' Watching last nights episode I’m with you 3. She showed her true colors & ruined her own day. That speech was funny it wasn’t malicious. At least you 3 have one another. Stay strong mamas @snooki @DeenaNicoleMTV @JENNIWOWW we know what was in your hearts.'

Did your opinion change after watching how things unfolded?


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