'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie Magro And Jen Harley Get Matching Veneers As They Try To Keep Fighting Private

'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie Magro And Jen Harley Get Matching Veneers As They Try To Keep Fighting Private
Credit: Source: In Touch

A picture perfect family. Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley are showing off their new veneers that they received together.

The "Jersey Shore" star and his on-again off-again girlfriend are pictured smiling in images after they went to -- for a full set of new teeth.

Harley also mentioned Ron's new smile when she commented on his photo: "I literally can't with your new smile haha."

The two have been relatively quiet on social media compared to the last six months where they were constantly exposing each other during intense fights.

Sources claimed that the couple is trying to keep their fighting private in order to retain custody of Ariana Sky Magro. It's said that Las Vegas police know them on a first name basis because of how many times they've shown up due to their arguing.


Regardless of how volatile their relationship can be, Jen and Ron can't quit each other. The two have offered explanations on all the drama that goes on between them.

Earlier this year, the new father told his followers: "For the record I love My family, my daughter & the mother of my child. Unfortunately, this season caught a rough patch in [both of] our lives, we stuck together & have got thru it. Ariana grows up in a happy home, regardless of what is shown & edited for TV."

Meanwhile, the mother of two chalks their problems up to the reality show.

During a Q and A on her Instagram Stories, Jen said: "Honestly the show has been the route to all our problems."

She also revealed that she wants him to quit it.

The reality of it is, even if Ron was not a part of the "Jersey Shore" reboot, the parents would still have serious issues due to Magro's infidelities and both of their anger problems. Hopefully, they've finally found a way to live peacefully.


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