Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Roger Mathews Responds To JWoww Dissing Their Marriage

Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Roger Mathews Responds To JWoww Dissing Their Marriage
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Roger Mathews has responded to his ex-wife, Jenni "JWoww" Farley dissing their marriage on a recent episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Last Thursday's episode of the MTV show featured JWoww admitting to Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi that she regretted her marriage to Mathews. The girls were talking about life regrets when JWoww spilled being with her ex was hers, despite having their two children.

"I'm going through it with the divorce. It's been almost a year since I filed. When you get divorced, you're supposed to be celebrating and start a new chapter, but it's really heartbreaking. And it's stressful, the up and down battle of figuring out custody issues. I just don't know when it gets better," Farley expressed.

Now Mathews is speaking out after his soon to be ex-wife's shocking revelation.

"You don't spend almost a decade of your life with only one person then just never care about them again. You can act like you do but you're probably lying. Hatred spawns from love," Mathews shared with Us Weekly on Friday, the day after the episode aired.

The 34-year-old reality TV star has tried to keep quiet regarding the breakup of her marriage. JWoww has reportedly tried to be selective about what she says on camera, as well as on social media for the sake of their kids. JWoww and Mathews are parents to daughter Meilani age 5, and son Greyson age 3.

Although they have been at odds in the past, the exes have reportedly been working to build a healthy co-parenting relationship for their kids. When JWoww first filed for divorce, she and Mathews both aired some of their dirty laundry on social media. They played the blame game a lot and it was nasty.

Jenni "JWoww" Farley has expressed her biggest life regret is soon to be ex-husband, Roger Mathews. She has not responded or even clarified her comments that she recently made on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation . The episode was filmed months ago, so she could feel differently today than she did at the time.

Mathews has expressed his two cents . Could the recent revelation mean another cold war is brewing between the former couple? They had appeared to be making strides in their relationship for the sake of their kids. Hopefully, JWoww's remarks don't cause a backslide between them.


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