"Jersey Shore" Alum Vince Guadagnino Claims Kim Kardashian Should Work To Exonerate THIS Reality Star

"Jersey Shore" Alum Vince Guadagnino Claims Kim Kardashian Should Work To Exonerate THIS Reality Star
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Kim Kardashian said a long time ago that she was interested in getting into political activism, and thus far, she has managed to do quite well for others, including for Alice Marie Johnson, who was incarcerated following drug trafficking charges. It was her first offense.

Recently, a reality star pleaded for help from the beauty mogul. Vince Guadagnino, formerly the star of Jersey Shore, spoke with TMZ about Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's prison sentence due to tax evasion charges, and Vince believes Mike should have his sentence reduced because he's such a great guy.

During his chat with the outlet, Vince said that he hoped Kardashian would do her best to help his friend out. Maybe he shouldn't get away with the crime altogether, but instead, get an early release. The 36-year-old is currently serving an eight-month-sentence for tax evasion.

During his conversation with reporters from the outlet, Vince spoke candidly about how great a person Mike was, and urged Kim Kardashian to help him get out of prison, despite the fact he's only serving an eight-month-sentence, and likely committed the crime he was convicted for.

Vince said to the outlet that Mike should be released due to the fact he has used his voice and celebrity for good. For instance, Vince explained, "The Situation" often speaks before kids on the consequences of drug addiction and how it can potentially lead to a downward spiral.

He went on to urge Kim to "get on that." Thus far, Kim has been mostly helping out inmates convicted of non-violent drug offenses, rather than reality stars who refuse to pay taxes.

Two individuals she has freed thus far includes Alice Marie Johnson and Chris Young. Kim actually visited Donald Trump in the White House to free Alice Marie Johnson.

The star thanked Donald on Twitter, despite protests from some of her cohorts in the business who claim that she shouldn't have spoken with the president. As most know, Donald isn't the most popular politician among the Hollywood and entertainment elite. Interestingly, Kanye West doesn't have much of a problem speaking with the president either.

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