Jerry Seinfeld Says That Every Older Man Should Absolutely Not Wear This Style Of Pants

Jerry Seinfeld Says That Every Older Man Should Absolutely Not Wear This Style Of Pants

Jerry Seinfeld believes that there are certain fashion rules every older man should adhere to. During an appearence on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on the 22nd of November, Jerry revealed what he believes every man should avoid.

Speaking about the positives and negatives of Thanksgiving including his family turning into comedy jokes and getting tied in his garage as a child, Jerry expounded on the way in which older men dress.

According to Jerry, at some point, wearing "cool jeans" no longer looks as cool as it once was. Seinfeld said "there's nothing you can do," eventually it just starts to look bad.

It's not surprising that Jerry has bourgeoise tastes when it comes to fashion, considering he's massively successful. In fact, his recent deal with Netflix cannot be described as just "successful;" it goes far beyond that.

According to reports, Jerry signed a deal with the streaming giants for his series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee , and he made a whopping $100 million deal with them.

In a statement in relation to the deal, Jerry pointed out that when he first started thinking about his series, Netflix was merely a company that mailed DVD's to people for rent.

It has since exploded into easily one of the most popular streaming platforms of the day, for its swath of content, and for under $10 per month. And nearly every person has a copy of it because of their deal whereby users can have up to 5 people on one account.

It's arguable that Seinfeld is one of the wealthiest comedians alive, due in part, to his deal with Netflix, but also for the years of syndication from the legendary show, Seinfeld.  Next to  Friends,   Seinfeld  is usually at the top of every critics' list for top television programs of all time.

Reportedly, Mr. Seinfeld has made over $400 million for the long withstanding hit TV show. As fans of the legendary comic know, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features Jerry driving to coffee shops with other comedians - a simple, but more than sufficient format.

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