Jerry O'Connell To Replace Kathie Lee Gifford On Today? - 'It Would Be An Honor'

Jerry O'Connell To Replace Kathie Lee Gifford On Today? - 'It Would Be An Honor'
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It looks like the Today team may have found a replacement for Kathie Lee Gifford! As you may know, the woman announced last week that she had decided to leave the show after co-hosting it for more than a decade!

That being said, despite the fact that she will only leave in April, a lot of people have already started theorizing who might take her place and become Hoda Kotb’s new co-host.

One person, in particular, has been mentioned a lot on social media – Jerry O’Connell!

After all, he did visit and even co-host a few times already which means he likes the job.

During an interview for E! News, while at WeHoliday inside WeVillage in L.A. this weekend, the man stated that ‘Officially, I have not heard anything. I love that format. I love Hoda. Hoda's an infectious, beautiful soul. It is such a exciting time in her life. It'd be an honor for anyone who gets to be there with her.’

He went on to gush over the prospect of working alongside Hoda when asked whether or not he’d take the job if offered.

‘To work with Hoda? Of course! Anybody would be. It would be an honor. Yes, of course. Is it happening? No,’ he enthusiastically told the outlet.

The rumors have been going around that another person who might be getting a more important role in the fourth-hour segment of the show is Jenna Bush Hager.

Jerry is still happy to watch the format as it is, with the two women as co-hosts, for a few more months since he's such a big fan.

That being said, he would love it if Kathie Lee never left, but he’s convinced she still has a lot to offer through her future passion projects.

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