Jerry O'Connell Stands Up For Ellen DeGeneres Amid Cancel Culture Backlash

Jerry O'Connell Stands Up For Ellen DeGeneres Amid Cancel Culture Backlash
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Ellen DeGeneres is certainly in hot water these days. Earlier today, it was reported that Katy Perry came to bat for Ellen after she was accused of facilitating a "toxic" working environment on the set of her very popular television series, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Former staff members and TV producers claimed Ellen had a series of bizarre requests, including not allowing people to look at her; having a bowl of mints for people to suck on before entering her office, and even having to look down whenever crossing her path.

On Tuesday, Perry, who has been on her show many times over the years, voiced her support for Ellen. The 35-year-old acknowledged that she couldn't speak for all the people who have worked for her over the years, however, she only had great times when working with Ellen.

This Monday, as well, Jerry O'Connell reposted a photo shared by Portia De Rossi, her wife, which said in the caption, "I Stand By Ellen." Commenters weren't happy with Jerry, stating that if he were a true friend, he'd teach her how she made mistakes.

Nacho Figueras, the polo player, who also happens to be a close friend of Prince Harry, said he has been on her show many times over the years and he described it as operating like a "very well run machine."

As it was previously reported, DeGeneres's fall from the graces of the entertainment industry has been progressing since May, when she was first accused of being very rude to her employees.

Back in July, WarnerMedia announced they were going to investigate how the show was run to determine if there is truth to the claims. Ellen wrote a memo to her employees recently in which she apologized, stating that it was hard to manage the team as it continued to grow larger and larger.

Ellen says she had relied on many other subordinates to make sure the show was run how she'd want, however, stars such as Brad Garrett claimed it was "common knowledge" that Ellen was mean to people. 


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