Jerry Nadler Says Trump Should've Been Impeached Already On Account Of Allegedly Breaking Laws

Jerry Nadler Says Trump Should've Been Impeached Already On Account Of Allegedly Breaking Laws
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According to a report from CNN, Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary Chairman, said he personally holds the position that Trump should've been impeached from public office already on account of supposedly violating laws in "six ways from Sunday."

During an episode of State Of The Union on Sunday with CNN's Jake Tapper, the chairman said that the president has done a number of different "impeachable offenses." Furthermore, Nadler claims Robert Mueller's report shows "very substantial evidence" that Trump is guilty of a few highly illegal crimes.

With that said, however, Nadler claimed they need more proof of the president's alleged wrongdoing. This comes after the House Judiciary Committee said on Friday that they're requesting the acquisition of secret material in the Mueller report to determine Trump's supposed guilt.

Today, Nalder said before Mr. Tapper that the American people will begin to understand the seriousness of Trump's alleged misconduct. Moreover, he stated it's a point of contention among the American public. When asked if they should shut it down by the 1st of September, Nadler said no.

As it was previously reported, Trump found himself accused of colluding with Russian officials during the 2016 election. However, Trump has repeatedly denied these allegations in a number of different ways, stating that it's just "fake news."

Moreover, Democrats and other never-Trumpers claim the Michael Cohen situation with Stormy Daniels - where the president supposedly had his attorney pay off Stormy Daniels to keep quiet during the campaign regarding their supposed affair - is enough proof that Trump should be removed from public office.

Others have stated that such an action, especially impeachment, would send a message to American voters, the millions of voted for the president, that their votes are ultimately worthless.

One public figure who made this assertion was Jordan Peterson during an episode of Real Time With Bill Maher with the host, Bill Maher. Mr. Peterson, a very renowned psychologist, and best-selling author stated the division created by impeachment could potentially cause serious distrust in the political system.

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