Jermaine Dupri Has A Name For Female Rap - Here It Is

Jermaine Dupri Has A Name For Female Rap - Here It Is
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Jermaine Dupri is not here for female rappers at all. It was recently reported that Dupri entered the debate about today’s female rappers, and he didn’t have to say pleasant things about them, as The Shade Room reported not too long ago.

The debate involves issues such who’s really rapping and who’s the rap Queen.

Dupri talked about all these with People and offered his thoughts on the female rappers in the music industry. Long story short, he basically said that female rappers are like 'strippers rapping.' 

Now, he continues to be offensive as TSR reports again.

According to TSR 'He is now doubling down on his idea of female rappers making stripper music, and even gives it a name.'

It seems that he was just interviewed by Atl Black Star and he 'gave a recap on his previous comments, and even gives an explanation about why he said what said. When asked about his favorite female emcee, JD says he doesn't have one and insists they all make stripper music.'

He reportedly said that 'female rappers should use this moment to create a new music movement called "strap".'

People shared all kinds of opinions on the matter.

Someone said: 'Where's the lie? Back in the 80s 90s we had a variety of female mcs/rappers to choose from. They are all the same. Even though we're speaking of females, it was the same for males also. The man was asked a question and he answered. What's the problem?'

Another follower posted: 'Dear OGs, Even if you’re very well respected in the game, you lose respect when you put the newer generation down. Just look bitter you’re no longer on top🙄'

Someone else wrote: 'Nah. How about a female who raps about her body and punani be a rapper and a female who raps kind of like queen latifa and da brat etc should be called a mc!?'

Another follower posted: 'I see his point which a lot of people are missing. You create a new genre, you open up a new wave, chart a different set of charts as well as pop and rap. Pioneering your own way. Therefore generating more income. Strategic business move.'

What do you think about all this?

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