Jermaine Dupri Compares Today's Female Rappers To 'Strippers Rapping' - People Say He Just Disrespected Nicki Minaj

Jermaine Dupri Compares Today's Female Rappers To 'Strippers Rapping' - People Say He Just Disrespected Nicki Minaj
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Jermaine Dupri entered the debate about today's female rappers, and he didn't have to say pleasant things about them, as The Shade Room reports. The debate involves issues such who's really rapping and who's the rap Queen.

Dupri talked about all these with People and offered his thoughts on the female rappers in the music industry.

Dupri started by saying how Da Brat was the first solo female rapper to go platinum, and he also added that since then, 'women have taken over with selling more records than men,' reports TSR.

'Prior to Brat that wasn’t happening. There were good artists, but they weren’t doing the numbers I needed for my company,' Dupri said as cited by TSR.

When Dupri was asked who his favorite rapper is, he couldn’t say. People were upset that he seemed to include Nicki Minaj in what he had to say as well.

Milan Christopher said 'Please DO NOT INCLUDE @nickiminaj in this SIR @jermainedupri She spit bars & Can’t relate to stripping luv. Thanks in advance! 🙌🏾❤️'

Somoene said, 'think everyone is entitled 2 their own opinion..... but what bothers me about his statement is, he came up in that era where it was a lot of diversity in female rap! So much diversity that we had thaa freakiest of female rappers (lil kim ... etc) to the hardest of hardcore female rappers bein (da brat.... etc) so it wasn't an issue of men/women being bias on the content being sold because u were able to pick who u wanted 2 listen 2. The new female rap era is happening now, so If you see someone you like support! It's turning around full circle and there are a bunch of female rappers coming out that are all diverse, it's about opening your ears and eyes! it's a bunch of gems not being showcased that might be more to your liking you just gotta hold them down until one of them make it!'

A person said: 'I feel him BUT have that same energy for the men who constantly rap about drugs and shooting ppl on the corner. They’ve been rapping about the same thing for decades.'

What's your opinion on what Dupri said?

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