Jeremy Renner Shuts Down His Application After Sneaky Trolls Impersonate Him

Jeremy Renner Shuts Down His Application After Sneaky Trolls Impersonate Him
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According to a report from Page Six, Jeremy Renner has shut down his application after trolls began impersonating him. In a message posted on the application, Jeremy said he had to close up shop.

Jeremy said that on account of "clever individuals that were able to manipulate ways to impersonate me," he had to contact the creators of the application and ask for its termination.

Renner said he would refund anybody who had made a purchase on the application.  The Hurt Locker  alum stated that the function of the application was to provide a place for fans to connect with one another, however, it turned into something he refuses to "condone."

Furthermore, the Avengers actor apologized to his fans and asked them to still contact him through his other social media platforms. Jeremy first launched the application two years ago in 2017. The purpose of it was to connect with people in his fan base and share other special content.

Jeremy is best known for starring in The Hurt Locker , directed by Kathryn Bigelow, The Avengers, Wind River, as well The Town, starring Ben Affleck and Renner.

Back in late 2017, fans discovered that Renner was actually friends with Chris Cornell. Speaking with Howard Stern on his radio show, Jeremy dished on his relationship with the singer-songwriter while promoting his recent movie at the time, Wind River.

Renner said to Mr. Stern that Chris Cornell was arguably one of the biggest influences on him, moreover, it was a great honor to even have the chance to meet him. Renner said that he was "amazing," and he knew him from Josh Brolin and Andrew Michael Cooper.

When Howard asked him if he had ever hung around him 1-on-1, Jeremy stated that he was simply happy to get to spend any time around him. Regarding whether or not he would try and jam with Chris, Jeremy stated that he would've even bother because he'd be wildly outmatched.

Not long after, Chester Bennington, the frontman of Linkin Park, also killed himself. Coincidentally, Chester performed at Chris' funeral.

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