Jeremy Renner Blasts Ex-Wife Sonni Pacheco After She Seeks Protection Amid Heated Custody Battle

Jeremy Renner Blasts Ex-Wife Sonni Pacheco After She Seeks Protection Amid Heated Custody Battle
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Jeremy Renner is blasting his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco after she asked the courts for protection against the actor. The former couple is in the middle of a heated custody battle over their daughter. It has unleashed a slew of mudslinging from both parties.

On Thursday, Pacheco filed court documents asking for safe conditions to be provided for her and her nanny, as they prepare to give depositions against Renner. TMZ obtained a copy of the request where the 28-year-old wants a private, secure room at the courthouse for the depositions.

It is unclear if her statement was going to be taken at another location or not. Pacheco reportedly feels safer at the courthouse because firearms and weapons are not allowed on the premises.

Renner is fighting back against her latest request with his own legal claims. Paperwork filed by his lawyer, Susan Wiesner, alleged Pacheco manipulated a picture of him to make it appear he shot a gun when their daughter Ava was in the house. Renner has adamantly denied the incident occurred and claims the photo is "grossly doctored."

The actor is labeling Pacheco as a woman scorned, who is now concocting grotesque allegations against him out of vengeance, according to TMZ . Renner claims he has been cleared of any accusations regarding his treatment of 6-year-old, Ava.

As for Pacheco's consistent allegations, the 49-year-old has issues with drugs and alcohol, Renner calls them nothing but pure BS. The court documents declare he will prove he does not have an issue by submitting his daily urine tests to dispute the allegations. So far all of his urine tests have reportedly come back clean.

Jeremy Renner is not taking his ex-wife's allegations against him lying down. Sonni Pacheco is doing her best to keep their daughter, Ava, away from the Hollywood star. He is doing his best to prove her wrong, as well as show their only child is better off in his care. Renner has previously referred to his ex as unstable.

Both parents are seeking full custody with the request the other one only be granted supervised visitation with Ava. The war of words between Renner and Pacheco is beyond nasty .

A November 7th court date has been set but just when it appears their battle can't get any more hostile it does. Will their fight only get worse before they get to court?

Neither a rep for Pacheco nor Renner has commented on the latest round of shots fired by the angry parents.

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