Jeremy Renner And His Former Wife File For Sole Custody Of Their 6-Year-Old Daughter At The Same Time!

Jeremy Renner And His Former Wife File For Sole Custody Of Their 6-Year-Old Daughter At The Same Time!
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According to new reports, actor Jeremy Renner and his former wife, Sonni Pacheco are getting ready to go to court over the custody of their daughter, Ava, 6. Apparently, both parents have filed for sole custody of the child which means that there is going to be a huge legal war between them!

ET shared the news that while in the present Pacheco and Renner have joint custody, yesterday, the mother filed for sole legal as well as physical custody.

And that is not all! Apparently, she also wants any future visits of Renner with Ava, to be monitored!

Documents obtained by the news outlet also state that the two were ordered by the court to go to custody mediation.

A court hearing in this case is set to happen on November 7.

But, as mentioned before, TMZ says that Renner also filed for sole legal and physical custody of their daughter in response to his wife’s own filing.

Furthermore, the Avengers actor also wishes that his former wife’s visits with Ava be monitored.

Pacheco and Renner were married for only ten months.

It was the woman who filed for divorce in December of 2014, citing irreconcilable differences.

The divorce was finalized exactly one year later.

In June of 2015, Renner opened up about the divorce during an interview with ET.

‘Everything is all right. Those who have done it know how it is. We're still two people who love this little girl more than anything else on this planet,’ he said at the time.

He went on to also discuss spending time with his daughter: ‘I want to teach and show her everything I can! She takes care of me. I would be lost without her. She rules my mornings, my afternoons and my evenings! And I could not be happier about it! ... But I do not always have the baby; it's shared time with her momma.’

Well, it sounds like neither one of them wants to share anymore.


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