Jeremy Meeks Reveals His Extremely Difficult Childhood

Jeremy Meeks Reveals His Extremely Difficult Childhood
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According to a report from, Jeremy Meeks spent a good portion of his life as a young man trying to get away from a brutal family situation. The convict turned fashion model apparently saw many things that a child shouldn't.

During an interview on Chelsea Grayson's video series, What's Your Water , Meeks dished on his heartbreaking childhood, explaining his difficulties in life which started the moment he came from his mother's womb. The model claimed his childhood was a turbulent time.

According to Meeks, both of his parents were addicted to heroin, making him a "heroin baby." The model can vividly remember the time his father stabbed his mom's best friend because he was looking for his son. Reportedly, his mother's friend was the only person who knew where they were.

Moreover, as a young boy, he realized he had to become somewhat of a care-taker for himself, because his father was never around, and his mother frequently dated men who are abusive to not only him but also his brothers and sisters.

Meeks explained the difficulties of growing up in a household like that, where a child's development phase is very fast and hard to adapt to. However, later in life, things got better when his older sister joined the military at the age of 18.

Following her return two years later, she legally adopted Meeks and her brother. Unfortunately, Jeremy has a learning disability so naturally, making the right decisions was difficult for him.

A few years later, he found himself involved with gangs and other organized crime groups, and he had to learn quickly about neighborhoods, colors, and gangs, the model explained. Meeks claims he was shot five times and was also assaulted by gang members.

When he finally found himself in jail, where he spent 10 years of his life, Meeks claimed that being a light-skinned black man is difficult, because you're not fully black but you're not white either.

His mugshot subsequently went viral and his life made an incredible transformation, going from sitting in a jail cell to modeling gigs around the world, as well as a relationship with a billionaire heiress. Chloe and Jeremy had a baby together in 2018, and they reportedly broke up in August of 2019.

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