Jeremy Meeks Reportedly Moves On From Chloe Green To Erica Peeples

Jeremy Meeks Reportedly Moves On From Chloe Green To Erica Peeples
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According to a report from, Jeremy Meeks, the notorious #PrisonBae, has already moved on to a new woman following his relationship with the Topshop heiress, Chloe Green. This past Friday, Jeremy showed up to the Catch Friday in WeHo, opened the door, and revealed his new girlfriend.

Jeremy was spotted with Erica Peeples, an actress who once starred in True To The Game, Law and Order, and also reportedly claims to be a producer, poet, and DJ. Erica and Jeremy were hanging out at the restaurant for 2-and-a-half-hours and when they left, Jeremy proudly showed off his new girlfriend to the TMZ photographer.

Previously, Jeremy stated he and Chloe were still together, who happens to be the mother of one of his children. Jeremy and Chloe were slated to get married as well, however, this all appears to have disappeared.

Chloe Green, on the other hand, appears to have moved on as well. Photographers snapped photos of the TopShop heiress this past month hanging around the Monte Carlo polo captain, Rommy Gianni. According to a report from The Daily Mail, last month, Chloe Green sparked rumors of a split between her and Jeremy when she was seen hanging around with the aforementioned Rommy.

However, when speaking with reporters from The Daily Mail, Jeremy claimed Rommy was just a personal friend to both of them. "You know what I'm saying, like, it's not even a situation," Mr. Meeks said to reporters.

Back in June, sources who spoke with Us Magazine claimed Meeks and Chloe had broken up. The insider claimed they had separated about two months prior, however, they're still speaking to each other intermittently.

Other sources stated to the outlet that Jeremy was "shocked" by the photographs of Rommy and Chloe, in addition to the fact the Topshop heiress reportedly put her home in London up for sale.

Chloe, on the other hand, said directly to The Daily Mail that she and the Italian man weren't dating. Green and Meeks first started hanging out in 2017 and welcomed a child together, Jayden Meeks-Green, in May of 2018.

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