Jeremih Is Getting Better Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

Jeremih Is Getting Better Following COVID-19 Diagnosis
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A new report from Vibe today suggested that Jeremih was still in the hospital getting over COVID, however, there may be a sign the singer-songwriter is on the mend. The outlet pointed out that Jeremih is currently alive and well, and while his vitals are good, it's not clear when he'll get out.

On the 17th of November, Tuesday, Adam Smith, a member of the artist's management team claimed he wasn't "out of the dark yet," during his appearence on The Kenny Burns Show . Smith went on to say Jeremih was still fighting, but he wasn't out of the darkness.

Jeremih's mother wants his fans and followers to take the coronavirus more seriously and pray a lot more for their son, Smith explained. He went on to say that Jeremih was in the ICU still, but they have the best medical team working on him on a regular basis.

Jeremih has been receiving a lot of help as well, Smith remarked, including the likes of people like Chance The Rapper . On the 14th of November, 2020, Chance The Rapper asked his fans and followers for prayers and said Jeremih was like a "brother" to him.

Furthermore, P. Diddy linked Jeremih's medical team with people over at the University of California. Other stars to comment on Jeremih's struggle includes 50 Cent , and Smith pointed out how many of the performing artists who were getting involved weren't just doing it for content.

Smith noted that Jeremih had a lot of love and respect for 50 Cent, but the rapper could be "insensitive" at times. Smith added that at the end of the day, they're just waiting for him to do better and better each day. They're confident he'll make it out.

Jeremih isn't the only celebrity to suffer from COVID-19. Tragically, Nick Cordero passed away after several months in the intensive care unit earlier this summer.


Amanda Kloots, his wife, had been updating fans on his condition as it slowly worsened. Cordero even had to have a temporary pacemaker installed in his body and limbs taken off before he finally died.

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