Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Plans On Hosting Season 36, Despite Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Plans On Hosting Season 36, Despite Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis
Credit: Source: TV Guide

Alex Trebek is not letting his recent cancer diagnosis keep him down. The longtime Jeopardy ! host plans to return to the show in Season 36, despite his ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer.

With Season 35 of the game show winding down, Trebek confirmed his return via a video update. In the clip, Trebek thanked fans for their amazing support over the years and vowed to return for another season of fun and exciting trivia. He also pledged to keep fans updated on his progress fighting cancer.

"I've always tried to be straight with you and I'm not going to stop now, so despite what you may have heard, I'm feeling good," Trebek shared, adding that his team is "already working on our next season. "

The video was shared shortly after filming for Season 35 came to an end. According to Pop Culture , Trebek announced that he was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer a little over a month ago. The 78-year-old has been a part of the show since its humble beginnings in 1984. It is unclear how long Trebek will be able to host the series, which was renewed for four more years.

In his original announcement, Trebek assured fans that he will stay on the show for as long as he is physically capable. He was also very optimistic about his chances of beating cancer and overcoming the disease. His chances may be slim, but it is great to see Trebek giving it his best.

The news, meanwhile, comes after inside sources claimed that the network is looking for a replacement. In the event that tragedy strikes, producers at ABC want to keep the show going, though they are willing to change things up a bit to boost ratings. It is unclear who is in the running to land the gig, especially given how long Trebek has been in the driver's seat.

It is hard to imagine Jeopardy! without its iconic host, and we wish Trebek nothing but the best as he battles cancer.

Fans can watch Alex Trebek in action when new episodes of Jeopardy! air weeknights on ABC.

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