'Jeopardy' Contestant And Professional Gambler James Holzhauer Sets New Record After Winning $110,914 In Single Episode

'Jeopardy' Contestant And Professional Gambler James Holzhauer Sets New Record After Winning $110,914 In Single Episode
Credit: Source: Jeopardy Productions

If you thought the key to winning big on Jeopardy was a Ph.D. in biological diversity of anthropology studies and spending your summers visiting Pygmy tribes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, you'd be wrong. What it takes to win big is to be a professional sports bettor. That's right. Professional Las Vegas gambler James Holzhauer is leaving the world (and other Jeopardy contestants) in a whirlwind, as he proves he isn't afraid of a wager and is breaking records on the longtime running game show.

James Holzhauer set a new daily record after winning a grand total of $110,914 in a single day. You can watch Holzhauer in action in the video below and witness how he isn't afraid to bet it all.

Holzhauer wanted to win his daughter's birthdate in cash 11/09/14 and carefully selected his final jeopardy wager to do so.

Holzhauer has become a bit of an Internet celebrity after his incredible win. People tend to be very cautious when betting on double jeopardy answers and during the final round. Holzhauer showed what can happen if you dare to take risks.

After a four-day winning spree, Holzhauer has won $244,365.

James Holzhauer's appearance on Jeopardy comes at a time when fans are praying for Alex Trebek's health. Social media is full of activity as many people continue to ask how he is doing and remind others to keep the game-show host in their thoughts and prayers.

Holzhauer spoke to US Bets and explained that being on Jeopardy was a dream come true. In the exclusive interview, he spoke about being on Jeopardy the only way a professional sports bettor could.

"I’ve dreamed of being on the show since childhood, so it feels great to finally be on that stage. I feel that I prepared for Jeopardy! as well as I could have, but I also know that one bad bounce is all it takes to lose a great bet. I felt very good about my chances, but so much of the game comes down to buzzer timing, luck, and the ‘home-field advantage’ of being the defending champ. I would have made myself -200 to win game 1, but a heavier favorite with each successive win."

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