Jenny Mollen Claims Twitter Isn't That Great For People Who Speak Their Mind

Jenny Mollen Claims Twitter Isn't That Great For People Who Speak Their Mind
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According to a report from Page Six, Jenny Mollen recently revealed her thoughts on the best social media platform of the day while at Popsugar Play-Ground this past Saturday. The 40-year-old said to the audience that Twitter helped "launch" her career but she refuses to use it anymore because "it's a dangerous time to tweet."

Mollen insinuated times have changed since she first started using the platform, and things are often taken in the worst way. "So, I actually deleted most of my tweets," the bestselling author remarked. The New York Times writer said "comedy" has changed.

In reference to the change in the political and cultural landscape in the last few years, Mollen claimed that one can't say the same things as one used to, and subjects are often exposed to massive interpretation, which, in many cases, can be deleterious to a person's career.

Jenny said Instagram is her "medium of choice" these days. The actress also added how the platform, which permits its users to write in tweets of 140 characters, contributes to a mental habit whereby she would think in simplistic sentences that meet the platform's requirement.

Rather than thinking in short sentences, she often considers what would make a good shot instead of just 140-character messages. Coincidentally, in the past few years, conclusive studies have come out regarding the psychological effect of social media on its users, and the results aren't good.

While a person could easily use a social media platform beneficially, especially as a marketing tool, it's not uncommon for users to feel more anxious, depressed, and suicidal on account of staring at their phones too much. Moreover, the rise of social media influencers, individuals who frame their lives as being amazing every single day, have the unintended consequence of making people feel bad about themselves.

Getting back to the topic of Twitter, the social media platform has come under increasing fire by political activists who claim there is a discernible bias against those who hold conservative viewpoints and beliefs.

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