Jenny McCarthy Dishes On Co-Hosting The View Slams Whoopi Goldberg For Being “Controlling” In New Book

Jenny McCarthy Dishes On Co-Hosting The View Slams Whoopi Goldberg For Being “Controlling” In New Book
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Jenny McCarthy is not holding back when it comes to what it was like to co-host The View . She does not have fond memories of those days, and one of the reasons is Whoopi Goldberg.

In an excerpt from the new book Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of "The View, published by Vulture reporter Ramin Setoodeh's, McCarthy makes it clear what it was like working with Goldberg, as well as Barbara Walters. She did not have good things to say about either one of the famous ladies.

The 43-year-old went into the hosting gig with the feeling she and Goldberg would be friends. After all, McCarthy was already a fan of the A-list actress. However, Donnie Wahlberg's wife was in for a rude awakening. The Sister Act star did not warm to the blonde beauty at all.

According to McCarthy, there was an apparent divide between Goldberg and Barbara Walters. She claims Goldberg would not let Walters moderate and she would often interrupt the other cohosts during the Hot Topics section of the ABC show.

"It broke my heart when Barbara would shuffle to Whoopi and say, ‘Can I moderate, please?' And Whoopi would say no. People don't understand. Whoopi can knock over anyone in a debate. Her voice is strong not only in meaning but also in sound. I was able to get a point out in three words like ‘I don't agree' and that's all I would be able to say. I would be stepped on or interrupted," stated McCarthy in the new book.

Jenny McCarthy was not on board to suck up to Whoopi Goldberg during her days on The View . She says the Academy Award nominee has a way of controlling people.

"To me, Whoopi had an addiction to controlling people's thoughts, their words, the room, the table, your feeling, your mood. She had an addiction to controlling all of it and everybody," she shared.

Those are some pretty harsh words against Goldberg, but McCarthy is not one to bite her tongue. She is speaking her truth about what it was like working on The View . The Autism activist also said she ended up bonding with Sherri Shepard because they both had kids and were fully aware of the not so great work environment.

Goldberg nor The View has yet to respond to the book or the allegations made by McCarthy.


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